November 10, 2020

“The Community Celebration Task Force held its first meeting on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. The task force is made up of community, city council, chamber board members and Native American advisors. The mission of the task force is to find common ground to move forward and maintain our beloved community celebration (Pow Wow) for many years to come. The task force is committed to involving the community on this journey. We realize the importance of this endeavor and with time and education, we can move forward together. Look for more updates coming soon!


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The Community Celebration Task Force has invited Paul LaRoche, cultural ambassador, to participate in the reconciliation process in the community. Paul is a Native American with an interesting background and story to tell. Paul is also the founder of Brule' (Brulé & AIRO is a contemporary Native American new-age/worldbeat music group based in South Dakota. They have sold over one million CDs worldwide, won a number of awards, and have made media appearances with the Live with Regis and Kathie Lee television show, CNN WorldBeat, QVC, and others.) The task force would like to share Paul's story so that others can be educated on the Native American point of view and cultural sensitivities Mountain Lake is experiencing. Below is Episode 1, future episodes will be shared on a regular basis.
Episode 1 from the Hidden Heritage series formatted for BVTVN (Brulé Virtual TV Network). View this link for more videos and information.


February, 23, 2021

The Chamber of Commerce Community Celebration Task Force met on last Tuesday evening, February 23, 2021. The Task Force continues to explore cultural sensitivities related to Pow Wow, our long-running annual community festival.  During the meeting the group determined that this process will take time, quite possibly several years to complete.  It was the consensus of the group that several items were of the utmost importance. The first being that we must continue to have a strong community festival. The second item was that we need to become more informed about the broad cultural issues facing our community, and society. Community education can take many forms including but not limited to music, storytelling, and respectful group dialogue. We can be less concerned currently, about the name change, but instead focus upon our community. The committee does not recommend dramatic changes to our beloved celebration for now. Again, it will be a journey that will involve education and understanding over an extended period of time. Over the next several months the committee will focus on developing an educational campaign with plans to engage our community in a safe manner (due to COVID). We hope that by adding the words, " A Celebration of Family and Friends"  to our Pow Wow promotional materials, it will embrace our true love of the celebration that we hold dear to our hearts.  We are excited to open a new chapter and explore the communities cultural history here in Mountain Lake!